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Do It Yourself

Create your Ultimate Family Tree

We supply the digital graphics, the suggestions on how and where to place them on your tree,plus several examples of what others have created.

You can change the graphics to a size you need and move to a location on your tree that best displays your family information.

Add or subtract text and photos. Several months or years later add newborn members or newly discovered old family members. (ancestors)

You can also create Family trees for other family members or friends,
You will need an editing program (Photoshop is the best), but there are several others. And we will give you information on how to get them free. There are also ways you can get Photoshop free. Gimp is the best and easiest free software available. We will get into that later, plus we always have free support at----------------

Gallery of Tree Templates

Check the Family Tree Templates,

Display your family like Royalty.

Just a few generations ago.
Only the very wealthy or Royalty
had the records and the money.

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A 6 generation template only 8