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3 Generation Family Tree Print.

Below is a view of a 3 generation descendants family tree template.
This tree template has a code# [sku;] of 16x20D3G446.
You selected the 16x20D3G code when you came to this page.

The only part of the sku; you need to select is the last 3 numbers
[like the 446,the last 3 numbers of the sku code of the tree below].

The standard templates are the easiest of the templates to order. The 1st generation the 2 parents display is already in place.
{the 2 photo frames and scroll above the family name banner.}

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A 16x20 3 Generation, Descendants Family Tree Template

How to get the 3 numbers that will select a perfect
template to display your family

Above the example displays 4 photo frames with double scrolls. This is to display 4 children, the 2nd generation and tells us each has a spouse to be displayed in { the bottom of the double scroll}.
The 6 photo frames and single scroll for each of six grandchildren,
the 3rd generation, all displayed in the tree top.

4 children_4 Spouses_6 grandchildren=SKU:code-446
added to end of 16x20D3G = 16x20D3G446

Simply select the number of individuals in each catagory
and submit the form and then add to the CART. We`ll get
the correct SKU code and ship your standard template.

Cart & Order Form16X20D3G _ _ _

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.
1-Mother & Father
xx-Do you wish to only display 1 parent, you may be required to use
the custom templates. Try the 5 adjustment template 1st.
Also if you wish to display an ex spouse of either or both you also may
be required to use the 5 adjustment template or the custom templates.

Please enter the word that you see below.


Please be sure you filled the form correctly and submitted before adding to your CART. We must have the correct info to select
AND SHIP your Classic Family Tree Template.___ THANKS!

This 16x20 Descendants 3 Generations Tree Template is $31.95 + s&h.


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