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As you can see above my favorite website is SBI. This is realy about the Best Family Tree websites that help you get family info and the best ways to display that info.

SBI stands for site build it, which is what I used to create this website. The initials SBI stands for site build it. Which happens to be the very best place to build your website, their prime objective is to make sure your site gets visitors. Which is the only way your website can be successful, potential customers and visitors must visit your site. How do your customers or visitors know where to search for you. The Web is overloaded with high dollar businesses that dominate the first few pages of any search You enter.

I paid dearly for a webmaster and hosting of a site for my classic family trees in the fall of 2005, that quite frankly was a beautiful website. However, I retired it very quickly, because it received Very few visitors. And my prices were too expensive. Quite disappointing to say the least

Next I went to the high dollar area just outside Silicon Valley. I wanted to offer my product to everyone, rich or poor, cheap or extravagant (like me). So I added several choices on how my customers can purchase my product and complete most of the work themselves. My thought was surely I can get a site built that could perform the services I wanted. I now know, they could, but at what cost, and with no guarantee that it would perform as I wanted. At that point, I lowered my expections to just getting a site that visitors would visit, and see and if what I wanted to do was possible. Frustration nearly led to my dumping the whole project Being a novice of online sales and service I never considered building my own website. After grumbling to friends and family, I was patted on the back and told to build my own website. Why not. I've got the time I'm retired. I don't have any more money to feed the bloodsuckers, not a bad idea. I immediately went to Barnes & Noble and bought a couple dozen books on programming, coding and websites, plus a few on marketing, etc. etc. etc. now. How could that be? I just spent several hundred dollars more. The only thing that saved me, by wife loved nothing better than going to Barnes & Noble and buying a half dozen books. After reading the books. I purchased it finally hit me full in the face that I wasn't interested in becoming a programmer or even just building a website on my own. Very humbling to say the least, but I wasn't quite ready to give up yet. Good news, but it after reading several of these books. I found out, there were websites that would help you build your website, very exciting. But Jeez, they were most almost as hard to understand as the programming geek language. After searching for weeks I stumbled upon site build it.(SBI) wow. Let me say that again, wow! This actually might be (doable) jeez! is that a real word. Probably not. This is not over, a lot more to say

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Just a few generations ago.
Only the very wealthy or Royalty
had the records and the money.

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