A Classic blank family tree print .

Below is an all in one,24"x30" blank family tree with roots.

With the help of our family tree layout worksheet and our family tree graphics, you will create family tree displays that will become heirlooms.

No need of you drawing a family tree. Just use our blank family trees,scrolls,photo frames and worksheet, or check our templates.

Use our artwork to display your family heritage and history.
You will create A Classic Family Tree Display,--The envy of Royalty.

 Pen & ink blank family tree and roots print ,

A very economical way to grow and create family tree displays. We have many sizes and styles to choose from.

Plus we supply a worksheet with layout ideas for creating your unique family tree.

Below you see what we refer to as a Descendents Tree.
usually grandparents or parents are displayed just above the blank family tree name Banner, then children, spouses and grandchildren above in the upper branches.

They have also been used as ancestoral trees and as cousins trees too.

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A descendants blank family tree without roots print.

Click to see closeup artwork details.

Below View A Completed

Blank Classic-Family-Tree

Below you are viewing an 11 generation tree created several years ago.
This tree began as a 24"x34" Blank 3 peice family tree kit.

In the tree branches, 3 generations are displayed, 1 grandchild above 8 children over their parents,all just above the family name banner.
Below in the roots are the linages of ancestors, some going back 6 generations,displaying a total of 9 generations.

A completed and framed 9 generation family tree display.

view Family Photo details
This family tree display was designed and built using our origional 3 peice blank tree kit. Each individual photo and information scroll were edited & placed by hand. In the tree top are 2 parents and 8 children with no spouses,but 1 grandchild displayed. I`m sure this tree has grown over the past few years. We`re sorry to say ,we`ve lost contact with this family. If you`re a member or know a member of this family,
Please Contact US

To understand how flexable our trees are, below is a description of the display.

On the maternal side of the linage {mother} there only 3 photos for 6 family members. On the paternal side of the linage {father} there are 47 members with 23 photos.
We used linage lines with arrows & marriage rings to display relationships,
none of the linage lines cross any place on the display.

The tree is Balanced & Symetrical even with such a lopsided family chart, plus lots of room in the tree top for future spouses and grandchildren.


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