An Example of a Completed
Deep Root Blank Family Tree
24' wide x 34" hi, 11 Generations

A 24x34 blank  family tree 3pc, kit completed,framed ready to hang.

This is an example of a 24"x34" Blank Print Completed in 1985.
All done by hand.

The tree top displays 2 parents,8 children and 1 grandchild.

As you see, this family has an extensive root system. A total of 53 family members, with 26 photos displayed in the roots, there are 47 from the paternal linage. With only 6 members in the maternal linage,you would think the root display would be very lopsided and have blank spaces, but as you can see it is very full, balanced and symetrical.

The flexablity of our layout system is what makes it possible to present an unusual family history,easy to read and follow,but still full, balanced, symetrical and compact. only3 Generations, in the Tree branches.
2 parents, with 8 children and 1 grandchild,No spouses displayed,
Lots of room above for future spouses and descendants.
A wise choice when using any of the blank prints.

8 Generations of Ancestors, all displayed in the Family Tree Roots.
Some of the roots going all the way back into the 16th century.
25 of the ancestors have photos and 1 with a painting.
With a total of 53 ancestors and 27 without photos this roots display
is full. However we can make an extension as long as you need.
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