Totally Unique Family Tree Display and Design Concepts

Something completely new and very different.

Flexible Family Tree Designs & Layouts

a 6 generation family tree display using our basic design concepts.

Above a simple 6 generation family tree display using our basic design concepts.

To help you to understand our family tree design concepts.

PLEASE! Read and study this entire page and it should help you
understand the flexablity and the limitless options
of how to display any and all of every family

But in particular, the ways to display ALL of your family.
Past & present, on a unique classic family tree.

Do you think of your family tree as your ancestors?
Your ancestors are the family roots, just part of your tree.

The living, growing and spreading Family Descendants
the tree branches, are also a big part of your family tree
and possibly the most important to many.

Display your family history, past, present and future.
Use our Personal help to assist your design layouts

Your Descendants Go Up in the Branches!

This is in direct conflict with the way most trees are displayed.

But if you think about it, you can see it`s a much better way.
Children & grandchildren growing upward in the branches,
The family roots, your ancestors extending down in the roots.
The base that supports and nourishes the living tree above.
Besides where else can you display both your ancestry and
your descendants in such a beautiful Family Tree Heirloom?

Our 7 Basic Tree Design Concepts

The Design Concepts we use for creating the Ultimate Family Tree
It`s what makes us different and better at Classic Family

#1-TOTAL FLEXIBLITY to display any and every family.
As in the tree above, most roots are direct linage.
The roots [your ancestors] can also display
aunts ,uncles, cousins,spouses "single or multiple",
godparents,siblings and 1/2 siblings or adoptions.
Extremly long linage lines or very short lines.
Even multiple trees connecting in the branches with a marriage.


A mother and a father, their children and grandchildren
spreading and going upward in the tree branches.

The 2 individuals could be you and your spouse{s},
or your parents or grandparents.-- Maybe you have an idea.
Start with both Paternal & Maternal Grandparents?
Most any display can be done, and we have probably done it.

#3--THE FAMILY ANCESTRY is the ROOTS that support the tree.

The descendents are what grow and spread upward and outward,
The future generations. The spreading branches of the family tree.

Your Ancestry,the roots of your family,should be displayed
in the roots going down,deeper and deeper, back in history.

#4--Real FAMILY TREES,that look like TREES all hand drawn.

Not a pedigree chart with the picture of a tree behind it.
The Pen & Ink artwork blends scrolls & photo frames into the
tree branches and roots, on an old parchment background.

A Real Family Tree with great artwork, a better design,
total flexablity, antique patina and heirloom quality.

#5--TREE Design concept & Layout are always SYMETRICAL.

Arrange each family tree as a unique display, without unsightly
blank areas. Display any or all information you wish.

Multiple marriages, 1/2 siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins or
just direct linage, all with or without photos.
No blank scrolls or frames without photos or text.
All information displayed in a balanced, symetrical layout.


All options end with the Ultimate Classic Family Tree.
DIY [do it yourself]design,layout and build, using our blank prints.
Want to save lots of time, spend very little more,
use one of our custom designed templates.
If those other standard templates won`t fit your family.
We`ll work with you to design and print you a Custom template.

Another option, we call it The ultimate Family Tree. we do all the work,we design and print, you frame and hang.
6 generations,or more on a 16x20 print,only $199.95
We`ll even custom frame.Check the ultimate trees.


Not just another FAQ page or printed information [which we do have].
But easy to reach, personal human help,with direct-e-mail or
Contact us., we will respond,very promptly.

To commission a Custom template or Ultimate tree,
you must register and become a member, you will recieve a
unique email address and phone# only for members, you get
a human response, within minutes, during working
hours,pacific time, Mon thru Fri, 9-5, other times leave
ph.#,time zone,time to call. Phone calls or messages after
4:00 pm PST--May not be returned untill the morning of the
next working day. E-mail after 1:00 pm PST--- may not be
answered untill the morning of the next workday.

P.S. We credit your registration fee with your first custom order.

An example of a Tree made from a deep root Blank print.

a completed family tree display

This Family has a considerable ancestoral linage, {roots} and believed their research was as complete as possible.

No room for future discovery of ancestry isavailable.
We suggest extended roots for space needed in the future.
Part of our design concepts,

However the tree top and branches, the descendents display area has considerable space available for new future descendents.

A wise decision, that will pay dividends very quickly.

The ancestors, are the family roots. The descendents,
1 paternal, 1 maternal, is where the tree starts.

Displayed at the tree trunk where the branches start to spread.

Their children and spouses that become parents,
aunts,and uncles to the grandchildren,
that are nephews, neices and cousins.
Maybe a few spouses for some of the grandchildren.

Surely you know what is likely to arrive next.
That is what makes up the branches that spread into
A real Classic Family Tree, growing with each new generation.

Once you understand our family tree design concepts, link to our
Options & price page.


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Thanks for your interest and patience.