Use our Drawing of a Family Tree and Great Family Tree Ideas.

Use our Family Tree Layout Ideas,and our drawing of a family tree,
make family tree designs that display in a full, balanced and symetrical way.

This page is mostly for those of you that are considering using either our small or large CUSTOM TEMPLATES or the ULTIMATE TREE.
Most of this information is for those with very large or very difficult families to display on conventional charts,forms or templates.

A list of issues we heve solved.

  • Do you have a very large family?
    • A very small family?
    • The last descendent of a family?

  • Want to display all your relatives?
    • Aunts,uncles,cousins some once or twice removed?
    • Multiple marriages, possibly each with children?
    • Estranged spouses or other family members?
    • Unmarried births, adoptions, name changes?

  • Do you have an unusual lineage or pediee chart?
    • Some lineages very short, some very long?
    • Two trees come together with a marriage near the top?

  • Want a tree you can continue to add both,descendents and ancestors,to for many years?

    To better understand our flexible family layouts, you might.

    Visit our Design Concepts page for more family tree layout ideas .

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