Family Tree Options & Prices

These are the Family Tree Options & styles , with Prices & Sizes.

Select one of our family tree options to complete your Tree Project.

Use our great Design Concept, to make a Classic-Family-Tree.

Would you like your Family Display to look this great? Let us help.

These are real Trees,hand drawn pen & ink artwork, designed to display your family.

The designs of our family displays are different than most, as soon as possible, you should visit the design concepts page it will help you to understand the unique classic old world family tree designs, artwork
and totaly flexable display concepts for any family linage.

We will supply all the graphics, artwork and designs you will ever need to build your classic Tree into a family heirloom work of art. Parker P&Q  Tree

Above and below are 2 family Tree Options and prices.

The above tree is 6 generations

3 gens of descendants in the tree and 3 gens of ancestors in the roots.
The above 16x20 tree as a blank template cost $65.00,or the Ultimate version as viewed, printed ready to frame & hang would cost, $225.00

Below is a 12 generation 24x36 tree
3 gens in the tree branches, with room to add future descendants,
the roots below has 9 generations with a large number of photos. cost as viewed, ready to hang $450.00
Sorry we don`t offer templates this large.

Photo image of a completed 12 generation family tree template, one of many family tree options

We designed,our Tree Graphics to create a unique old world look.

All hand-drawn, Pen & Ink on parchment to create our tree drawing.

Descendants should go up into the branches,

ancestors are displayed in the family roots.

We believe your roots [ancestors]
don`t belong in the branches.

All your displays can easily be this beautiful

Visit our Design Concepts page

Whatever style,template,blank or custom design you choose.
You get all the supplies and instructions for creating a family heirloom.

Everyone can now design and grow their own unique trees. Use our great new art,diagrams, worksheets and instructions and you will create a beautiful family heirloom. For parents or grandparents,this would be a
great 25th,30th or 40th anniversary gift, the 50th would be perfect!

Much of our unique design improvements are obvious, great art,
thousands of templates to display all Families.
Designed with roots for ancestors. branches for descendants.
Others are less obvious, we`ll cover those later.


Custom Templates -- Ultimate Tree.-----

Each has many advantages,but each can create the most beautiful display available,-- all fit for a King.--You build the Ultimate Family Tree.

Or send us your info and we`ll build it for you.

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Thanks for the interest and patience.

Scroll below for several examples of the different
ways you can create your beautiful Classic Family Tree display.

Do you want to commission a
Small Custom Template
CONTACT US and register.

Using a small Template you can make a beautiful display, for yourself or as a great gift. If you still need a larger or more flexible template, we can help. We have designed and built many family trees with several hundred members in them. We suggest you just display your direct ancestry. However if you wish to display every one in your family linage ;ie[relatives] we will be glad to do so, our family tree options have no limits.
The only limit is how much you want to spend!

The small custom templates are $49.95 to $119.95.

Our Small Custom Templates are limited in size, 12x16 to
18x24 and the number of members that can be displayed.

The amount of space varies on each style of tree and what is being displayed and its size.
If we feel the tree is being crowded, we reserve the right
not to print a template we feel is not of the quality
that would make our company proud or please the customer.

In this situation we would contact you and make whatever adjustments necessary to satisfy both parties.

Do you want to commission a
Large Custom Template?,
CONTACT US and register

If you decide to commission a large template, your family tree options are almost unlimited. The key word is [almost].
Some genealogical researchers claim to have several thousand in
their family tree. Typically many of these are siblings, aunts,
uncles,cousins,neices and nephews of their direct ancestors,
they are just relatives. Ancestors are your parents[2 of them],
grandparents [4 of them], your great, grandparents [8 of them],
your great, great,grandparents [16 of them]. Counting yourself
that is 5 generations, 4 of the 5 are your ancestors, 30 total.
There is a very good probability you might have the information
and maybe photos, for many if not for all.

Lets assume you are married, or not,
in your early 30s to late 40s, have 2 or 3 siblings and several children from you and your siblings. Lets add all this up. Lets say you and 2 siblings,= 3 siblings plus 3 spouses, 3 children from each of the 3 siblings, a total of 9 children, plus 3 siblings plus 3 spouses=15 all with photos, plus 4 generations of ancestors, 30 if you include your 2 parents,in the tree trunk, 6 with photos. That is 6 generations, 45 individuals and 21 photos, a large family tree, but not huge.

This Large Family Tree Template would be appx. $120.00

This Large Family Tree in the ultimate version, check below!!!

If you still need a larger or more flexible template, we can help. We have designed and built many family trees with several hundred members in them. We suggest you just display your direct ancestry. However if you wish to display every one in your family linage :ie [relatives] we will be glad to do so, our family tree options have very few limits.
The one major limit is what you want to spend!
Check all the family tree options.

Do you want to commission an
Ultimate Classic Family Tree?
CONTACT US and register.

To help you better understand your family tree options
go to our Design Concepts

The Ultimate Classic Family Tree is complete ready to display.
We`ll even custom frame it & ship ready to hang, if you like.
You simply email [or download] each family members information
, you can even add your photos.
We send a proof, you view online, you approve, we print & ship.
Simple, Easy, Unique, Perfect, Family Heirloom, or Gift.
The Ultimate Family Tree Option.
A small ready to frame tree can cost as little as $80.00.
The 6 generation template described above completed as an Ultimate, ready to frame tree, would be about $325.00.


If you wish, CONTACT US or