Custom Family Tree Templates can display
All your Deep Family Tree Roots,

Plus all your widespread and possibly unusual Descendants.

A Small Custom Family Tree Template can display your deep
Family Tree Roots and many wide spreading Descendants.

Creating a large Custom Family Tree Template for an extended
generation family tree is much easier and less expensive then ever before.

Before you choose Large or Small, study this page.

16x20 custom template,example with multiple spouses

1,2,3,4,5 and 6 = generations.

S =

EX =

P =

M =

A-B-C =
descendants 3
different branches

A = descendents of 3AP-3AM.

B = descendents of 3AM-3BEX

C = descendents of 3AP-3CEX

Complicated? YES as most famlies are.

Next the Family Tree Roots, generation 4---- 2 pair of Grandparents.

Generation 5------ 4 pairs of GREAT,GREAT Grandparents.

Last the 6th generation,on this template 3 of the 8 pair are missing their spouses.

Below an 18"x24" version of the 16"x20" template above.
Notice the extra space in the tree top and below in the roots.
This is how we deal with larger families, we use larger
prints to display the extra ancestry and descendants.

larger 18x24 tree with same template layout.

By using our Custom Template Forms at the bottom of this page, or go to the custom forms page, you can enter the information needed to create your Family Tree Template. Depending how many photos you wish to display,[ "each photo takes 2 spaces" ] and the number of family members in your family, you will need to choose the size and style family tree template, you need.


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