Our design concept begins with a

Family Tree Worksheet

Starting with a Blank Family Tree, use the family tree worksheet information to design and layout your family tree .
Now you can create that Ultimate Family Tree.

Most Family Tree Displays are centered around 1 person
and their pedigree, linage line, [ancestors]
seldom displaying descendants.

Our Basic Concept is Different than the typical family tree displays.

We have designed some worksheets to aid
you with our design and layout concepts.

To get these FREE family tree worksheets, click here and
give a short description of your family.

Our Concepts Start at the Tree Trunk
2 persons, a couple in union

This couple is the base of our concept,they could be
your parents,grandparents or you and your spouse.
{multiple marriages or ex-spouses can be included]

These 2 individuals, both have ancestors,paternal
and maternal that would be displayed in the roots.

They would also have children,some possibly with spouses.
Grandchildren and possibly even great grandchildren.
All the descendents would be displayed in the branches.


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