Large Custom Templates

Display your large generation Family Tree.

Want a new better way to show your ancestry to your friends and family, especialy the Descendants in your family? We offer that solution,but even more. We can include the Descendants in that Family Tree.

We start with a blank hand drawn, high quality, pen & ink drawing of a beautiful tree and root system.

Below is a 24"X36" print.

Next we add name scrolls for each family member.
We also add photo frames, if you have pictures you want to display.
We can also add linage lines or roots and branches
to connect each member, generation to generation.

Below is a smaller 16"X20", close up,with several examples
of the different ways we can layout and display your family.

Numbers,1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, = Generation.
P = paternal side of family.
M = maternal side of family.

Would you like to send your family information and have us design you a large ultimate Family Tree Template?

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