Make Family Trees simple & easy.

Our Artwork, Your Skills make it Beautiful.

Not sure what size or style tree you need?
Your Family Tree still growing?
Still looking for deeper roots?
Use our adjustable Blank 3 piece Kit .

Click here to View a completed Blank Print
You make your family tree display the size you need for now,
plus add new descendants & ancestoral discoveries years later.

Your family tree project could become a family heirloom.
Your Family, our family tree kits,the pen & ink family tree art.
Together with your families skills, history and our suggestions.
Make a family tree project, a total family project, Simple, Easy and Beautiful.
You get it started, let the next generations add & add to the tradition of
The Family Heirloom you Created.

A Blank Print 24"x18"-- A DESCENDENTS ONLY TREE.

      • Displays parents, children, spouses and grandchildren.
      • Display family members with photos of some, all or none.
      • Comes with several dozen family member scrolls.
      • Instructions,layout suggestions and worksheet included.
      • Comes complete with all supplies to grow your Family Display
      • Personal,--human support,-- always available.

If you get a tree with roots for ancesters
Complete the Descendants in the tree top first.

Then you can fill in what you have for your ancestors, the family roots.
Add more information as you research it. Display what you have now,
you can add research discoveries and new births for years.

  • The 8"--ROOT EXTENSION, added to Descendants Tree
    makes a 24"x26" tree [display descendants and up to 28 or more ancestors].
    • The 8" root extension displays grandparents and other ancestors.
    • Need more room for ancestors? add another root extension

    Now you see what your tree would look like with roots.

    Use your imagination and picture your completed Family tree.

    Need more space for your ancesters

    • Another 24"x8"--ROOT EXTENSION added to the
      1st & 2nd Pc. making the tree and root section adjustable, from
      24"x26" to 24"x30" or 24"x34" [for deeper roots] more ancestors.
      • NOTE! the deeper your roots go ,the more difficult the layout.

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      A blank family tree kit after it has been completed.

      This is an example of a 24"x34" Blank Print Completed.

      As you see, this family has an extensive root system. A total of 53 family members and 26 photos displayed in the roots, there are 47 from the paternal linage.

      The tree top displays 2 parents,8 children and 1 grandchild.

      With only 6 members in the maternal linage,you would think the root display would be very lopsided and have blank spaces, but as you can see it is very full, balanced and symetrical.

      The flexablity of our layout system is what makes it possible to present an unusual family history,easy to read and follow,but still full, balanced, symetrical and compact.

      We also make family tree custom templates one of a kind
      origionals, designed just for your family,large or small.

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