Order Form Instructions and Examples

We need your help to make sure you get the correct template
to display your family. Nearly every family is different
and all have different amounts of family history information.

Use the Family Tree Forms to build a family tree template,
then use your template to build your ultimate family tree.

You may be one of the lucky ones, if you are, use one of our 3,835,
stock standard templates, each different, save a few dollars and some time.

Check the #5 Template, you can make 5 changes to a standard template

You may need to use the Custom Template Form if your template isn`t available as a standard template,but you`re still lucky.
You can make the perfect template to display your
family history and create the ultimate family tree.

The standard family tree template forms to build a family tree template.

The forms show us the style, layout and code # for your family tree template,

The Foundation for your Ultimate Family Tree.

You select a certain code when you select a tree style and go to that page.
If you choose the 18x24 inch print with medium depth roots that display 5 generations, that code {SKU}# is 18x24MR5G_ _ _. You don`t have to worry about that part of the sku number. You only have to select the 3 numbers at the end of the sku code.

First, I want to explain the template style and sku # code. The code for the sku number simply describes the template. 18x24 means the print is 18 inches wide x 24 inches high, the MR means Medium Roots,they display 2 generations. The 5G means 5 Generations, that is what this particular template was designed to display.

The 5G doesn`t mean you can only display 5 generations, but it was designed to display 2 generations in the roots, 1 gen in the tree trunk and 2 in the tree top.

However 1,2,3,4 or possibly 5 could be displayed in the tree top, if each generation were small enough. Possibly as many as 18 to 20 family members.

If you competely understand the design concept you could use this or any of the other standard templates to display a wide variety of families that the standard templates were not designed for. You might be wiser to simply use the custom templates to get exactly what you want, the cost differance is very small,and errors less likely.

Cart & Order Form18x24MR5G _ _ _

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.
Mother & Father
Do you wish to only display 1 parent, you will be required to use
the custom templates. Try the small templates 1st.
If you wish to display an ex spouse of either or both you will be required to use
the custom templates. Try the small templates 1st.

Please enter the word that you see below.


When you select a template form you won`t
see this ,but you will see what is below
Read carefully and follow carefully.

Please be sure you filled the form correctly and submitted before adding to your CART. We must have the correct info to select
AND SHIP your Classic Family Tree Template.___ THANKS!

This 18x24 medium roots 5 generation template is $34.95 plus S&H

Double Check your info, and Submit to Cart.

Make sure you Fill all the Required Boxes
or when you submit your order to the cart,
it will flash red for corrections.