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Standard Blank Family Tree Templates,.

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A  6 generation standard family tree template.

Above--1 example of over 5,000 blank standard templates.
This particular example is a 6 generation template.

All Blank Standard Templates come with roots

connecting each family member generation to generation.
To learn more about Template Makers, click here If you wish to have branches or linage lines connecting
descendants, use the custom templates,or Do It Yourself

Our Family Tree Template Makers have
over 5,000 Blank Standard Family Tree Templates

All professional, hand drawn, pen & ink works of art.
We soon will offer 3 different size Family name Banners
and the choice of 3 different background colors.

For a Total of over 30,000 Standard Family Tree Template Choices.
Our Template Makers can also make your Custom Template.

Are you 1 of the millions of Family Tree Makers?
do you need a unique, beautiful way to
Display your Family Tree Research?

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Maybe you would like to see the ULTIMATE FAMILY TREE

All 16"x20" standard templates like above are only $31.95 plus S&H

The 18"x24" version of the standard template is $34.95 plus S&H.

The 24"x24" version of the standard template is $39.95 plus S&H.
The 24x24 Templates are Coming Soon

Both Templates above display 5 grandchildren in the tree top----4 children,3 with spouses, thru the middle-----and 2 parents just above the family name banner.-----All with [optional] photo frames.

The [ROOTS-ANCESTORS]of this standard template layout is a standard 3 generations display.--2 sets of grandparents,with optional photo frames.--4 sets of great grandparents and --8 sets of great great grandparents,all linages connected generation to generation with roots.

---------[NOTE! Double scrolls display individuals and spouses].----------

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Below is a special example, using many of the options available on the Custom Standard Templates. Branches connecting family members, background color to set off the edge of the parchment. A double photo frame, top & bottom, to display family members and their spouse seperatly. Example of how you can display couples in 1 photo. The Family Name printed in the Family Banner.

How do I know which template to order?

ITS EASY! Just select and check the number or text that gives the correct information, for each of the family members you want your tree to display. Show me how the family tree forms work.

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